Creator’s Corner – Karl Borst

Karl Borst

This Creator’s Corner focuses on the talented Karl Borst! Karl did work for not only the original zine but also the printed book and, to this day threatens working on more Tic Toc Tom stories in the future.

Oh, and he was also a cover model for Issue 10 o’clock of the mini. Yowza. More on that another time.

“When I met Paul and Chetan, Tic Toc Tom was well under way and I loved it. I really wanted to be a part of it. The problem was that while the rest of Tic Toc Tom were all talented artists, I was a writer, through and through. I wished I was an artist – even going so far as dropping science in high school to take art instead – but I just didn’t have it in me (I nearly failed that course). Yet Chetan published my stuff anyway. That was the core of Tom – here’s the character… go. Where you went, what you did, or how you drew him didn’t matter. Just get in there and create. Later I got to work with real artists like Paul and Tom Yeo and the results were much better. So here, in its crude, sketchy blurriness, is one of my original pages.”

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Karl Borst