(I can’t help you) I’m Falling Too Trade Paperback

This trade collects the main story from our 18 issue series with an additional 12 page story (not published before).  Go to http://www.tictoctom.com/18-issue-series/ for more on the 18 issue series.

Press a button on a time belt and you are on a world full of zombies. Encounter the sensational music of The Keys. Witness a gorilla going ape on the world. Take a journey down to Hell. Sit back and enjoy the scenery while having a nice cup of coffee. And what does Nicole have to do with all of this?

Page count: 400 pages (yes, this baby is massive)

Colour covers with B&W interiors.

Main story & art: Chetan Patel & Tom Yeo along with Peter Macchione.

Cover art: Paul Marhue.