• Tic Toc Tom's latest adventure is a double shot of two-fisted tales embroiled in pulpy layers of romance and war. It's the best of both genres rolled into one gigantic volume.  If you don't buy this book, then you have to be a complete lunatic. This volume will make you cry, make you jump for joy and most certainly shake your fist! Love is in the air and all around you; while life on the flip-side will defy all expectation for those in the throes of warfare. You know what they say, all is fair in love and war. 96 pages. For this digital download, the files are in two pdf files.  Sorry no flip book for digital versions.  
  • Tic Toc Tom full size comic book issues 1-3 set.  Only 3 issues were printed in the mid 1990's.  Each issue is 32 pages with a colour cover and B&W interiors. Set of 3 Comics!!! All books will be shipped by Canada Post, so in other words expect 2-3 weeks delivery time.  Trust us, the wait will be worth it!
  • So What

    So What is our new 44 page full colour comic book. Yes, full colour. Join Tic Toc Tom, Jack and Iggy on their new full colour adventures. Shipping to Canada is $6 and USA is $10 per book.  
  • “Temptation” opens with a young man tasked with guarding a simple wooden crate that sits in an alley beside a comics shop. What unfolds from there careens from pirates to aliens, swims with space sharks and space whales, glimpses apocalyptic visions and pauses for coffee. For shipping outside of Canada & US, please contact us and we can get you exact shipping charges.
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    Dead Souls: 88 page full colour perfect bound comic book. Featuring art and stories by Chetan Patel, Paul Marhue, Kenneth Gallant, Tom Yeo, Chris Stewart, Peter Macchione, Megan Bannon, Derek Barton, Mary George, Massimo Sabadin, Travis Stedmond, Jeff Pacitto and Emil Koepcke.
  • War is Hell.  Make love, not war. This Means War is our tribute to old war comics of the old days. Flip the book and... Lost In Love is a tribute to good old romance comics of the past. 96 pages. Perfect bound book flip book.  One side War and the other Love.
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    (I can't help you) I'm Falling Too Trade Paperback This trade collects the main story from our 18 issue series with an additional 12 page story (not published before).  Go to http://www.tictoctom.com/18-issue-series/ for more on the 18 issue series. Press a button on a time belt and you are on a world full of zombies. Encounter the sensational music of The Keys. Witness a gorilla going ape on the world. Take a journey down to Hell. Sit back and enjoy the scenery while having a nice cup of coffee. And what does Nicole have to do with all of this? Page count: 400 pages (yes, this baby is massive) Colour covers with B&W interiors. Main story & art: Chetan Patel & Tom Yeo along with Peter Macchione. Cover art: Paul Marhue.  


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