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Main story and art by Chetan Patel & Tom Yeo. Covers by Paul Marhue.

Issue 1

Jack activated his time jump belt. Where did it take him?
Tom & Iggy are fighting for their lives on a world full of zombies.
And who are the Keys?

Issue 2

Gorilla Grady fought the good fight, then something went wrong.
He went ape.
That’s where things started to go bad for Tom and the gang.

Issue 3

The Bad Guys are getting to together to cause some chaos in the city.  And that means Agent Orange has to put together a team of Good Guys to save the city.
And just who is Gorilla Grady?

Issue 4

The Key to saving yourself from zombies and an angry gorilla is hope.
Will Tom and the gang make it out alive?

Issue 5

With an explosion a man goes mad.  Travels to the end of time to find his wife and child.

Issue 6

Take a ride down the river Styx in Karen’s boat. Visit the underworld. Stay and enjoy the coffee.

Issue 7

“Black as night, sweet as sin.” – Neil Gaiman
A visit to Hell. And what to do when it starts to snow there. What to do? Why not relax and have a nice cup of coffee?

Issue 8

The journey into the depths of the underworld continues. Sadness and memories of the past is all that is left for the suffering.

Issue 9

The journey to the underworld comes to an end, but at what cost?

Issue 10

Om Shanti Om…
A perfect day. Make friends with Stumpy McNee. Save the day.
Enjoy a nice talk with the boss. And head off into a big adventure.

Issue 11

Gather the troops. The drunks, trolls, musicians, giants and whoever you can find to help you.
That’s exactly what Nelu Never is doing. But why?

Issue 12

Magic spells go wrong. Tic Toc Tom’s time belt goes missing in time. And what lurks in the lake?

Issue 13

Tic Toc Tom must defeat a dragon, find a way back home and take a nice hot bath.  All in a day’s work.

Issue 14

Jenny and Jack have a nice sit-down chat. Jack meets Tom for the first time.

Issue 15

Tom and the gang return to Hell. What will they find there? A man wearing a paper bag on his head?

Issue 16

The Keys to unlocking the doorway into the underworld is death. With death comes a funeral. Sad times ahead.

Issue 17

Hell can be Hell sometimes. Demons and monsters everywhere. The final fate of Jack is revealed.

Issue 18

The future has in store for us a living time machine, profits to be made and death.