Despot hits 50.

I wrote a post a while back about our Glorious Leader. In it I flippantly referred to him him as a tyrant and strong (kind of strong… a little strong… stronger than a newborn) man who would mercilessly grind his artist minions into submission, in the service of Tic Toc Tom.

But since that post I’ve come to view him in another light. Namely an old (50! 50 years old!) man desperately clinging to power. And in a way, have a new sense of sympathy for him. Frankly, if I had to deal with the unwashed Tic Toc Tom artists on a daily basis, I would probably act the same way.

But as I approach the same milestone (I’m not there yet. I will always be younger than him!), I want to be kind. It’s my way of paying tribute to someone who has accomplished a great deal while also avoiding any potential liable suits filed against me by said tyrant individual.

His birthday passed recently. And if you missed it, that’s OK. He’s probably got at least a dozen left. That is if he sticks to his exercise program and goes easy on the pies. Not holding my breath about the latter.

So! Happy birthday Glorious Leader! BTW, My next story is going to be late. Eat that.

By Paul Marhue