Hey folks!

In spite of all the strangeness of 2020, did you know there were two new print editions of TicTocTom? It’s true! To some degree, the conditions last year actually helped make the books happen.

“I Can’t Help You (I’m Falling Too)” distilled into print about 400 pages of comics that were (and still are) available on the website. The second book was special for TicTocTom. It was the first time in the book’s history that all the stories were printed in COLOUR!

After all that excitement, an assessment of the TicTocTom coffers showed the colour red. Since conditions in the wide world have not improved much with the turn of the calendar, the conclusion was to open up a Patreon. The goal is to fund the printing of another colour book this year.

Patreon allows supporters to choose a monthly donation level. If you wish, you may partake of books, sketches or other perks for your financial support. Once the Patreon is up and running, please check it out and see what appeals to you! Chetan is pulling ideas for bonus items from all quarters and assessing which to make real for fans of all things TicTocTom.

The decision to open a Patreon was not taken lightly. All of the creators on TicTocTom appreciate the challenges facing everyone right now. If our comics have provided a diversion, please consider helping us to continue making them.

Thank You.

Donate and support us link: patreon.com/tictoctom