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Cuts You Up by Tom Yeo & Chetan Patel

I had this idea for a short Jack Shit story that had this floating head.  The full details of what was to happen are long forgotten.  Why the cartoony style, I have no clue.  Different mindset back then.

This was almost 20 years ago that I had sketched it out in my sketchbook.

As time passed, Tom Yeo and I were planning on starting up a new story.  We had just finished our massive 18 Issue Series.  One for those new ideas was Temptation.  Once Temptation started to wrap up, Tom and I decided to look at Cuts You Up again.  And we both decided, let’s finish this thing.

Tom Yeo and I stated to work on it in the last few years.  Back and forth the story went for awhile.  Lots of craziness came about in the story.  This story features our love for comic books, music and art.

Due to my harddrive being erased by mistake, most of my digital files that I had for this story were lost.  Now you ask how can one erase a hardrive?  I am still asking that myself.  The pages in this pdf are from files that Tom and I sent back and forth to each other via text messaging.  On my end there might be spelling errors that were to be corrected a later time and art that needed tweaking at some point.  

So please have a read and enjoy what we had completed.