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Meet Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart is a Canadian artist and writer. His initial training was in animation, and he worked at an animation studio for over five years, honing his skills as an artist, editor and photographer. [...]

Meet Jeff Pacitto

Jeff Pacitto is a multidisciplinary artist from the Toronto Area.  He's been in to comics and collectibles his whole life and has loved writing and drawing for as long as he can [...]

Shirt Happens!

“This is a big one!” said TicTocTom creator Chetan Patel (“no names, please!) of this photo.  It’s not clear what Chetan is referring to as “BIG”, exactly, so, to avoid potential legal action, let’s [...]


Tic Toc Tom fandom is full of shirts! As hip and happening peeps, y’all know of artist/performer Megan Thee Stallion, right? Did you know that TicTocTom has a Megan to call it’s own? [...]

Tick Tock Tom trading cards

Just before Issue 12 o' Clock of the mini comic was to come out, there was an idea to print some Tick Tock Tom trading cards.  Due to having issues with printing the cards, this [...]

Meet Derek Barton

Derek Barton got into comics in the 90’s and lived to tell the tale. Traditional artist specializing in marker renderings (although he likes his digital tools, too). Here are all the online paces you [...]