“This is a big one!” said TicTocTom creator Chetan Patel (“no names, please!) of this photo.  It’s not clear what Chetan is referring to as “BIG”, exactly, so, to avoid potential legal action, let’s state facts only.
Ken Gallant has a beard like a billy goat (ooowut! ooowut!)* and a fist as big as a closed hand!  Ken has returned to contribute a story to the upcoming colour comic “Dead Souls” and more importantly, bought a shirt!  Though bare torsos are all well and good in some social circles, the wearing of garments will allow for entry to many fine establishments that might otherwise turn away the bearer of a bare torso.  Even baring a bear torso is shockingly deemed unacceptable in many places.  Burying a bare bear torso is also bound to draw unwanted attention.
Big news on a slow day would appear to be that Ken Gallant has a beard, a raised fist and a TicTocTom t-shirt.  Should you wish to enquire about acquiring any of these items, please contact chetan@tictoctom.com.
*apologies to the Beastie Boys