Tic Toc Tom fandom is full of shirts!

As hip and happening peeps, y’all know of artist/performer Megan Thee Stallion, right? Did you know that TicTocTom has a Megan to call it’s own?


Megan Thee Headless Illustrator! 

Okay, almost no one calls her that but based on photo evidence, the moniker will surely stick! She completely lost her head over the snazzy TicTocTom shirt!

Honestly, rumour has it Megan keeps a level head, balancing family and career as a top-flight storyboard artist. Somehow she has once again agreed to endure the association of the motley gaggle of TicTocTom stalwarts. As of this writing, pandemic restrictions allow Megan a solid excuse for her to remain at least two metres from the rest of the TicTocTom crew at all times. This was likely a key negotiation point so, thank you virus!

Very little is known (by this writer) of the mysterious figure known as Bones. A near guess would be that this is the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise but it’s difficult to say for certain when Ray Bans are involved. What can be concluded with certainty is the shadowy character has excellent taste in garments as a TicTocTom shirt was selected to wear for this photo. If anyone knows more about Bones and wishes to reveal the Real McCoy, please sign up at the TicTocTom Patreon! Dollar bills!!

If you would like order a t-shirt please contact chetan@tictoctom.com for more details.