Two enter. One leaves.

That’s the most apt description of the battle Tom (Yeo) and I had over one of the last two of the original Tic Toc Tom T-shirts.

Tom gave a good showing. He’s a tall man* so, he has good reach.

But I’m shorter and with a lower centre or gravity, able to get in some good body blows. Shorter with a lower centre of gravity also means I’m chubby.

There are a number of things in this candid photo worth noting.

  1. Why am I barefoot? It’s because Tom jumped me. He fights dirty.
  2. Tom didn’t even have the decency to remove his headphones. He was listening to music while trying to take the shirt off of my back. †
  3. Tom is the type of guy who will hit someone with glasses.

The good news is that I got the shirt. So I now have one of the two remaining T’s in existence.

I’m still champion.

* By tall I mean freakishly gigantic.

† I assume he was listening to something like Kenny G.