Perhaps it’s best not to think too much about the fact that Chetan has at least one ceiling-mounted camera in his home and instead focus on the page of comics he is creating. 

Yes. Let’s focus there.

Like many of the talented creators who work on Tic Toc Tom, it all starts with a pencil. After carefully carving a precise point to the tool, it’s tip is pressed to the Bristol paper. Thereafter begins an epic struggle to call forth titanic visions and skillfully render them in coherent and resplendent form for the entertainment and consternation of the brave souls who care to read the products of our fevered imaginations!!

Then it’s scanned and surrendered to the inter-web. Not sure how that works. Chetan can tell you, if you’re curious.

Please form a single line and exit in orderly fashion through the gift shop.

Thank you!

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