Today I would like to briefly speak about merchandise.

Pictured here is Tic Toc Tom artist Tom Yeo, wearing a rare and no longer available Tic Toc Tom T-shirt.

I realize that there are a lot of T-words in this paragraph however, I am going to blame Tom (Yeo) for that and sit back to enjoy the internet outrage.

I was sent this photo by our Glorious Leader and he asked me to post something about it.

At first I was confused because I didn’t know what about it he wanted spoken of. But, then I realized that he was rubbing in my face the fact, that I can’t get one. You see they are no longer available and there are no plans to produce any more of them.

This is what you get under a dictatorship! Freedom now!

Luckily you can still get (a plug is coming… almost here… BOOM!) a copy of the collected Temptation story by Patel and Yeo via Kickstarter!

You won’t get a T-shirt thanks to the policies of our Glorious Leader though.

– By Paul Marhue