I bought a notebook from the dollar store. One day decided to sit down and see if I can do a new story for Tic Toc Tom. Paul, Tom and I been doing stories here and there since the full size book ended. I wanted to get back into doing a full-length story again.

I sat down and thought, “Why not do a story that took everything from the mini comics and the full size books?”

Had this idea to include all the different versions of Tom that had existed to this point. Every Tom from the mini comic to the full size one.  Sat down and thumbnailed the story.  110+ pages later…

IMG_9232 IMG_9233IMG_9234IMG_9236

Then decided to draw out the story. Thought to myself that I did not want to spend too much time on the pencils. Did quick rough pencils and finished most of it in the inking process. I did leave out a lot of stuff that I was going to add later with the use of the trusty old computer.

I cannot remember why I stopped drawing the story.

Put the story and the pages away.


chetan story

(click on the link above for a pdf file version of the story.  6mb in size.)


I find the story and the pages. I look at this and go, “Wow. How did I spend all this time on this and never finish it?” And now I look the art and go, “What hell was I thinking? This sucks!” Artwork was rushed. Yet I enjoyed the sketchbook part of it even today.

So here are the pages for the story that I completed, along with some sketch pages. Enjoy.

Maybe one day when I am old and senile I will finish this story.