It was 1996.

Our first issue of the full size Tic Toc Tom was out.  We made a plan to go to a few conventions to help promote the book.  First was a Spirits of Independence Convention in Montreal and Kitchener (more on that at a future date).


Plans were made to go to the second biggest convention in the world, the Windy City itself Chicago for the Comic Con.  Mike Korditsch, Edward Korditsch, Brett Feschuk, Tom Yeo & Chetan Patel were all set to go to the convention.  Paul Marhue did not come.  Due to a fist-a-cuffs with the late Harry Caray in the early 1980’s during the 7th inning of the Cubs games, Marhue has been banned from the Windy City for life.


Weeks before the convention, large logo banners and displays were made.  Stickers were printed to hand out any folks that would walk past us.  A car full of five guys and boxes full of comics were set to drive across the border.

Photos from Chicago:


Edward Korditsch, Brett Feschuk, Tom Yeo & Chetan Patel

More on Chicago at a later date…