Behind the Tic Toc Tom Issue•1 Cover

By Michael Korditsch

The images depicted in a literal sense are an enthusiastically scrawled rough and the resulting 4 colour cover of tic toc tom. Beneath the graphics are thousands of hours of evolution, innovation, revolt & creation.

Chetan invested countless hours simultaneously crafting characters, technique and stories. Issue 1 was the culmination of those efforts. While Chetan was the inceptor, a vast and diverse pool of creative talent crossing a multitude of media made it happen.

At the same time the desktop design paradigm was being born. As a collective, while we embraced and employed the technology in the context of our academic pursuits, we revolted against it for our own personal creative edification. Baring witness to the Photoshop masturbation (disclosure: we all had our wanking phases too) resulting in illegible vortices of far too layered images with gratuitously distorted photographs and even worse, bastardized type, was more than ample to force us in the opposite direction.

We chose chemistry: personal, dark room, paint, ink and vinyl. That is what is in that cover. That is what is under that cover. That… and the now infamous altercation one night at the Dance Cave when Chetan left me no option but “put him in his place”.

Editor’s note: I was there when Chetan was “put in his place”. Let’s just say tables at the Dance Cave are the perfect height to pick someone up and slam then down on. Good times!