When the time came for us introduce some aliens into the story I was stuck on how to create an alien spaceship and the look of the aliens.  Played around with a few sketches, which got tossed in the trash bin.  I messaged Tom Yeo and asked him for suggestions.

Our message:

Me:  Need your help…. space ship design?  Help?

Tom:  Remember when Al Williamson used his son’s ship design in a Star Wars strip? How about gathering Reva and Eshan for a design consultation?

Me:  You sir are a genius.  Thank you for that idea.

Tom:  Speaking of designing spaceships…  Just before Last Jedi was released, a pop culture guy gave 5 little known SW facts on the radio. One was that the ship at the very start of New Hope that’s captured by Vader’s ship was originally meant to be the Millenium Falcon. When Space:1999 debuted, the designers on SW thought the ships on that show looked too similar to the Falcon. They re-designed the Falcon but had already but a huge, expensive model based on the first design. It was then used the way we see it now.

So later that night, got my two kids (Eshan and Reva) to sit down and draw out some spaceship and alien designs.  After answering hundreds of questions on how, why and what kind of aliens they are, below this are the end results.

Tom Yeo and I can not even come close to these great ideas!

Thank you to my kids of the help.