RE: “Love Kills

Wow. Looking at the art for this story is like being shown those awkward childhood snapshots. I recall being excited when Chetan asked if I’d draw comics for “TickTockTom”. I met Chetan on the “front lines” at Curry’s Art Store. The mini-comic was well established by that time.

At that time, I’d read Dave Sim’s “Cerebus”, in which he talked about inking with Hunt #102 crow quill nib dipped in India ink. Also, Toronto cartoonist Ty Templeton had revealed the wonders of W&N Sable Series 7 brushes for inking. That sensual thick to thin brush line had me mesmerized.

With more bravado than skill, I set to work on Chetan’s script.

Well, comics are not as easy as they look! But, ya gotta start somewhere…

-Tom Yeo


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