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Marvelous Jones and Tom

I'm very excited to be returning to the fold. I haven't worked on a Tic Toc Tom story in a long time, but when Chetan asked me to write a story, I wasn't sure [...]

Dog Is Blue

Who or What is Dog is Blue? Starting with acoustic guitar demos recorded to 4 track in a room in Taiwan, Dog is Blue was a welcome creative outlet for Paul Watson when he [...]

True North Country Comics

John from True North Country Comics Podcast has a talk with Kenneth Gallant, Paul Marhue and Chetan Patel. Follow John on Twitter @TrueNorthComics .   And more great podcast interviews at . [...]

Wednesday Night Reviews

Konrad at Wednesday Night Reviews has a long chat with Kenneth Gallant, Paul Marhue and Chetan Patel on all things Tic Toc Tom. Have a look and enjoy. Check our more wonderful video interviews [...]

The Cat

Pencils: Tom Yeo Script, Pencils & Inks: Paul Marhue Colour & Lettering: Chetan Patel. The Cat is a story that Tom Yeo penciled some time ago (maybe 15-20 years) but was put away and [...]

Across the Universe

Our new weekly online comic book is coming soon. Across the Universe continues the adventures of Tic Toc Tom, Iggy, Jack and Penny. Please read Temptation first, before you read this story. Temptation is available [...]