Sometimes in life things fall into place, perfectly. When you least expect it, life can gift you something so wonderful, that all you should do is get down on your knees and thank the Lord above. She’s a good broad.

That’s how I felt when Our Great and Perfect Founder and Leader sent me this photo and asked me to write about it.


Richard Leggatt. Thank you Lord.


I’m almost tempted to leave it alone and say nothing. It’s so glorious that to speak of it may cause it to whisk away… like gossamer.

Loyal readers will remember Richard from recent articles such as his Creator’s Corner and this Throw Back Thursday. From those you would have rightly gotten the impression that he is a talented and dedicated artist with a genuine commitment to his craft.

What you wouldn’t have gotten from those articles is that Richard is also a heavy metal poet, who will rock your mind with both his guitar and his love pen. In fact he is so committed to his long-haired metal lifestyle that he tried to grow out both his moustache and his eyebrows, with varying degrees of success or, failure depending on how you look at it.

I choose success because if you squint just right, he’s the spitting image of Harry Shearer from Spinal Tap.


Richard Leggatt. Thank you Lord.


In the end Richard realized that long hair, or long-stache, or long-brows, or long-lapels doesn’t the artist make. What makes the artist is daring and apparently, a total lack of fashion sense.