One of the wonderful aspects of Tic Toc Tom is that we welcome artwork from everyone.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding artist, we are happy and proud to provide a platform for your expression.

For example, here’s a submission we received in 1992 from a little girl named Anita Patel for a contest.


Although she was only 10, I could already see the makings of a great artist! Her lines were thoughtful and expressive and her understanding of contrast was far beyond her years. We hope that Anita continued drawing and would love to see more of her recent work!


With the passage of time comes honesty. So we can now provide a more precise evaluation of her work.

First, we’re not sure why Anita drew a crude umbrella on Tom’s head. Or is that supposed to be his hair? I guess we should assume the latter because she has drawn ears on top of his head. At least she knew people had two of those, right?

Second, what’s that in the middle of Tom’s ‘face’? Is that a nose or a caterpillar? Let’s say it’s a nose and not some eco-warrior comment on humanity’s relationship to nature. I have a tip for you, Anita. Nostrils!

And third (thankfully), I would like to point out that Tom’s neck is as thick as his head. What country were you born in, Anita? Is everyone’s neck this large where you’re from? If so, please tell me so we can ban them from ever leaving.

However despite our criticism, thanks for sending us your work Anita!

Now when people ask if they need to be good to send stuff in, we can point to your submission and ask… what do you think?