Happy birthday Paul Marhue!


Paul, The Beef Patty Years.


I think it was once suggested that Paul Marhue did not exist. In fact it was said he was nothing more than a clever computer composite; an image that displayed a hip and fun loving dude. He could out draw anyone, flash those pearly whites and even sport the coolest looking jean jacket this side of the great white north.


Paul, The Jean Jacket Era.


But he didn’t exist. It was stated in issue 1 o’clock of Tick Tock Tom and like the bible we are to take this as fact. Now does this mean we can’t even wish him a happy birthday if he didn’t exist? Do computer composites even have birthdays? For that matter, does anyone associated with Tic Toc Tom know the source behind Paul’s inception?

There are so many questions about Paul Marhue and no he didn’t win the Ernest Borgnine look-alike contest, nor was he ever romantically linked to Ethel Merman. He did however write and draw a bevy of Tom stories and he also dubbed Kenneth Gallant the “walrus”, so that’s got to count for a real life existence.


Paul, The I Am So Cool Years.  So cool that he gets two thumbs up!


If he didn’t exist, then how come he’s still creating the cover artwork for Tic Toc Tom? I say he does exist and I want to wish him a very happy birthday. Take a bow Paulie, because it’s your day to shine!

Kenneth Gallant, 2016