In this new feature we present a creator’s work and offer an opportunity for the creators themselves to talk about it.

First Up: Paul Marhue!

“Way back in the 90s, because computers were expensive and still difficult to work with, everything was done by hand (there was a computer-based comic in the 80s called Shatter but, that guy had waaaaay more patience than I ever did.)

This pencilled page in particular, is one of my favourite pages I’ve done for Tic Toc Tom. With the exception of the first panel where Tom has a weird expression on his face, I’m really happy with the rest of the panels and how they flow.

The word bubbles were added to a photocopy of the pencils so that the inker and letterer (Yan Rozentsveig) knew what he needed to account for when he got to work.

You can see in the final version that the text and drawings changed a bit. So, there must have been an itiration between the pencils and the inks. But regardless, Yan; because of his talent and my trust in him, got a lot of freedom to insert himself into the art.”