Tic Toc Tom is an exclusive club. Since its humble beginnings in the early ’90s (every time I write that I feel a little older. And not in a good “getting wiser” kind of way. More of a “why does my knee hurt” kind of way), every one is welcome to add to the characters / universe but only a select few become “regular” contributors. One such person is…

Megan Bannon!

Megan is a wonderful and talented illustrator who we’ve known for many years. It’s only now though that she has developed and progressed artistically to the point that her work is good enough for us. *

I recall the first time I met Megan. Many years ago (in the 90s. Ouch! My knee!) Ken, Chetan, Patrick and myself would get together with friends and play road hockey. Megan and her then fiancé (now husband) Ron (A top bloak with the most manly beard you’ve ever seen. Seriously, I think it drinks beer and gets into fights) came to play too.

Any misogynistic thoughts I may have had were quickly dispelled the first time she body-checked me and stripped me of the ball. In fact, to this day I’m looking forward to the old-timer’s game where I can finally get my revenge (my knee!).

What can our loyal readers expect from Megan? Well, take a look at this!

Megan Bannon
Commander Bannon. Art by Commander Bannon.


This is a self-portrait. And not only did she put herself in a Star Trek uniform, but she made herself a Commander! With three stars!

That’s a level of Nerd so out there that you can’t help but tip your hat and let her do whatever she wants.

So, it’s with great pride that we introduce her as a regular contributor! ** Welcome aboard, Megan!


*  By “good enough for us”, I of course mean she said yes to our begging her to come on board.

** No take-backs. You’re a part of the team now and can’t change your mind.

Paul Marhue, 2016