It was the early 1990’s.  Just after Paul Marhue, Michael Korditsch, Ken Gallant and I put out the last issue of Kuhlbox with few other guys, I decided to do another book.  With the help the fellows mentioned, Tick Tock Tom was produced.  Got a bunch of guys I went to college with and asked them to do a story/art on the main the character (Tick Tock Tom).  One thing I do recall now is that I forgot to tell them to keep the costume same for the character.  First issue’s cover was by Michelle Reardon.  Paul Marhue came up with the Tick Tock Tom logo.

It was late 1992 when the first issue was printed (okay, photocopied).  200-300 copies of the first issue were printed if I recall, maybe more.  Books were given out to anyone who crossed our path.  They were dropped off at the local used record/CD shops and comic stores all over in the downtown Toronto area.  Even some were left at hip clothing stores.

So please enjoy the first issue of the mini comic.  Lots of hard work and tons of enjoyment was put into it.  I do apologize for the image quality.  Originally artwork is long gone.  Scans were taken from a copy of the first issue.

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