It was the mid 1990’s, Patrick Pautler and I were working at a local art supply store in downtown Toronto. During the years that we worked together we had numerous talks on all things geek.

I do not remember how or why we started to talk about the old sci-fi comics and heroes of the past like Buck Rogers, Space Ranger, Flash Gordon and all the EC and DC space comic books.  Both Patrick and myself had this love for sci-fi movies, tv shows and books.

In the time that we should have been helping the customers we started to work out ideas on this new space character.  Using art supplies provided by the store we started to layout the foundations of Max Mooncrater.

As time passed, we came up with more and more ideas.  Too be honest, way more than we needed. Supporting cast like Stella Starblazer, Nancy Ray-Gun, George the Galactic Gorilla, Eon McGregor,  Quasarmodo and many other characters were created.  Everything from their history to even some short stories came to be.

Max Mooncrater and his Mercury Men came to be!

After years of being put away due to life and work, Max Mooncrater has returned once again.  Only time will tell if rest of his crew will make an appearance.


Max Mooncrater created by Patrick Pautler and Chetan Patel.

Art  by: Patrick Pautler, Chetan Patel and Tom Yeo.

Max Mooncrater 8 page short story coming soon.