The ’90’s were a great time for comics and bad. The bad overpowered the good I am afraid. And the worst of it was that mess with comic book distribution. Marvel, Diamond and DC really screwed up the whole thing for everyone else that was trying to produce a comic book. Not only did stores go under but a lot comic publishers and creator did so also. We were one of the publishers that could no longer keep producing our own comic book. Just months prior to all this happening we had released issues 1,2 and 3 of Tic Toc Tom. Response to comic book was well received and we were just finishing up all the final details of issue 4 when the market crashed. The distributors that closed its doors were the few that we had good sales with. Capital City was a great with small press publishers. With those gone, we could no longer afford to print issue four. Decisions were made quickly to stop all production. You see, we were at the point within a week or so of sending our book to the printers. This was a hard and heart breaking decision. We had put in all this effort into our book(s). And now it was all going nowhere. After 3 issues of the full size comic book, Tic Toc Tom was no more.

To this day it still stings. It looks us a long time to come back to Tic Toc Tom but we did.

Jump 20+ years later. With Covid-19 and being stuck in the house I went through some of the old material I had put away. Scanned all the artwork I could find on issue four. I also got in touch with Paul Marhue to see what he had for issue four. Looking back at my story for issue four I cannot remember what mindset I was in and what I was trying to do for the art and story. Written ideas and plot for that storyline are lost somewhere.


Click on the link below to view all 4 of our full size comic book. Yes, all four issues! What you see in issue four is all that is left from that issue. Everything else is long gone and lost.

Please enjoy.