One positive thing about the current lockdown due to COVID-19 is the opportunity to dig around in old materials and make discoveries. Tic Toc Tom creator Chetan Patel recently ferreted out a drawing by fellow Tom mainstay Paul Marhue that dates back to 1995. It’s a great drawing to have see the light of day once again! What struck this viewer right away was the bold technique and striking pose of the (anti)hero Tic Toc Tom. It appears that the majority of the drawing was done with ballpoint pen. The masterful use of crosshatching holds the figure together and delineates further elements of interest in the background. The colours appear to be added using only those available in a basic set of highlighter pens. It’s often debated amongst creative people whether one should seek the highest quality materials available or make due with whatever is at hand. This drawing is a strong argument for the will and skill of the artist’s hand trumping the limitations of the tools.

Tom Yeo

Art: Paul Marhue