We’ve had some inquiries about the poster referenced in The Great Wall of Chetan-a post. Specifically, what did lead to the odd Tic Toc Tom pose and, what’s up with the chain links behind him?

Like much of the Tic Toc Tom work done back then, the artists involved were experimenting.

The character pose was influenced by Shade The Changing Man. In particular the work of Chris Bachalo. It was probably taken from one of Bachalo’s illustrations but at this point, who can be sure. Maybe it was taken from Chetan. He had a funny walk back then.

This poster is actually made up of three parts. The background was an abstract pastel piece, the chain links were created in a 3D program and the illustration itself was marker. Everything was combined on a computer and some effects were added.

Successful? I dunno. But we’re talking about it so we’re going to say, yes! We win!