I do not remember asking Paul Marhue if he wanted to do the covers for the new book.  If I remember he volunteered himself.  What was I to say?  I said sure.  Paul threw some ideas back and forth.  Paul did say he would sit down and work on a cover the first issue… that was in June I think.  Yet every time we got in touch about the book, he said he will work on the cover.  One thing that I have learned over the years was that there are only few I trust when they say they will do something.  Paul was one of them.

Here is a glimpse of the cover.  For the full cover image I am afraid you will have to wait until November for Issue 01.

… or go knocking on Paul’s door, demanding to see the full cover.  If you do go knocking on his door, beware that he may be sitting on the front porch with his shotgun rocking back and forth in his chair.