This is a shot of the Tic Toc Tom creator’s wall. From left to right we have framed images of a poster by Marhue, a page by Patel, the Issue 1 cover by Jeff Turner and a page by Yeo.

I find several things about this image interesting.

1. Yeo’s work at the far right has it all. Babes, guns, pointy metal and decapitations. But don’t worry, Yeo has no personal demons to work through, whatsoever. Not a one.

2. What’s with the character pose in the Marhue poster? I seem to remember at the time that he was heavily influenced by Shade the Changing Man. But that doesn’t explain the navel porn.

3. Why are the images so high up on the wall and close to the ceiling? Are the ceilings in Chetan’s house 5 feet high? Is Chetan himself 7 feet tall and these are at eye level? The only way I’ll find out is to go there myself and see but, Chetan is a terrible host. The last time I was there he asked me to sit outside.

The Great Wall of Chetan-a.