A long time ago, Paul Marhue did a quick one-off sketch of a “super-hero” version of Tic Toc Tom. That hero was called… Minuteman!

We asked Marhue about that moment.

Editor: Marhue, when did you first create the original Minuteman sketch?

Marhue: I have no recollection of that sketch. I’m not saying I didn’t do it but, at the moment it’s fuzzy.

E: Did you know that a story was planned, based on the character you created?

M: No I didn’t. A story was planned? I have to talk to Chetan about that because I don’t think I authorized a story.

E: Given that you have no recollection of the original sketch, don’t you think it’s reasonable for Chetan to proceed without you… with another artist?

M: Hey! Chetan has always been trying to push me out. I may not remember Minuteman but if I did a sketch then my blood, sweat and tears are in it! This interview is over. Where’s my (expletive) lawyer?