Kill 4 U is a company that appears throughout the various versions of the Tic Toc Tom comic books.  It was originally created by Paul Marhue & Chetan Patel.  Kill 4 U for was a company took care of all your personal and business problems, without getting your hands dirty.


Kill 4 U stories from random Tic Toc Tom stories from the past.  Art: Yeo & Marhue.


Coming soon (in the Life With Iggy back up that we have been doing on in the monthly book) is how Iggy first got hired at Kill 4 U.  In part 3, Tom Yeo and Chetan Patel show us what it is like to go for that job interview.  Does Iggy have what it takes to work for a company like Kill 4 U?

Find out in Life With Iggy coming in issue 4.  Issue 4 available February 17, 2016.


Art: Tom Yeo