The 40s had some good stuff going for it (it wasn’t all about that jerk, Hitler). Men were men and women pretended to need saving so men’s feelings wouldn’t get hurt.

Comics from the 40s were even better. Men were still men and women still pretended but, there were space guns!

This is a rare copy of an original 1945 “Tic Toc Tom and the Creature that ate Time” comic by Patrick Pautler.

Since its publication, comic historians (aka virgins) have discovered that Patrick Pautler was actually a pen name. The creator’s real name was Reginald (just Reginald, kind of like Beyoncé). Little is known about Reginald other than he was notoriously secretive. In fact, he would sometimes draw wearing a fake nose and glasses in an attempt to fool himself.

What we can say for sure is that he left an important mark on the history of comics and should be considered (if you ignore a brief incarceration in 1947 for impersonating Harry S. Truman’s wife) an industry giant.

Patrick Pautler