The thing about being an art student in the 90s is that you had no shame. You thought you were special because you didn’t go to a ‘traditional’ post-secondary school and you felt that everything you did was creative and amazing.

Well, you were right!

And that’s why you stuck Tic Toc Tom stickers* all over the city of Toronto. To this day we hear comments like:

“Yeah, I have seen your stickers.  They were up in the girls washroom at the club we went to once.”


“I saw one of your stickers on a stop sign near Yonge Street.”


“I thought you guys were a band or something.”

Vandals or culture heroes? We’ll let you decide.**

ttt-stickers-1 ttt-stickers-2

* Cover photograph by Michelle Reardon.

** If you chose vandals, you’re wrong!