I have so many artists that I love and admire. For a long time now my most favorite artist has been: Adam Hughes. His art has lasted the test of time for me.
The fact that he was self taught with no formal training blows me away. His depictions of the female form is well known throughout the Industry. His book Cover Run, shows all his cover work and his process to date. I recommend it to anyone.
I guess I am attracted to his work because of the Disney-esq look and feel he is able to create. The natural and realistic poses, the layout and design of his illustrations. The intelligence of his work. Far more superior than many of his peers. Also since I am not far off from him in age, I share a love for science fiction. In short. Star Wars.
He has done works for Star Trek and Star Wars and has worked for just about every company.
He is now involved with the Betty and Veronica remake where he writes and draws it.
The quality and detail of his commission/convention sketches have become highly sought after. They go for thousands and people line up for days to get one. If I could afford it, I would line up too.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and his now wife Allison at a couple of conventions, but he rarely comes over the boarder anymore.
If I could channel half of his skills I would be satisfied.
-Peter Macchione

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