“When I consider favourite artists or creators, I usually think of characters or comic-runs I remember. I hope that doesn’t come across as disrespectful to the creators because their work is what draws me to them.

I look back at Gil Kane, Carmen Infantino, John Byrne, Kyle Baker and Frank Miller with such respect and appreciation for their craft and what they gave me. They were obviously all talented but mostly, inspirational. I wanted to be able to do what they did. Whether it was writing or drawing. I may never get there but it’s a hope I hold onto.

Growing up I was a huge fan of Iron Man, Daredevil and X-Men comics. Probably in that order. Iron Man I liked because he was man and machine. He was flawed as a character but could make himself better. I liked Daredevil for the same reason. His blindness was a vulnerability but he overcame it. I suppose I liked the X-Men because they were different and outcasts.

Maybe I was just drawn to, like any teenager or young person, characters that overcome their circumstance. Yay! I’m normal!

Kyle Baker is a bit of an outliner in that he wasn’t a typical comic artist, whatever that means. His work is so spirited and vibrant that to this day, I marvel at it. I catch myself every now and then trying to inject him into my illustrations.”

Paul Marhue

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